At any age, pregnancy can be frightening.  No matter what, though, it is a beautiful and nature stage of life.  Pregnancy is not a disease, so Girls' Health First will work to ensure under-aged mothers are treated with the love and acceptance they deserve when fostering a beautiful baby in the womb.

Parenting can be a challenging, yet rewarding experience...at any age!  Girls' Health First believes under-aged girls deserve love and support when choosing the option to parent.  Most girls, with the proper support from family, friends, school, and community can be an amazing mothers.


Abortion is a tragic action that ends the life of an unborn baby and potentially harms the mother, father, and extended family involved.  The effects of abortion can ripple down through the life of any mother for potentially as long as a woman lives.  

This choice is not to be taken lightly, considering the amount of risks associated with it, including:

  • Depression

  • Suicide

  • Drug use

  • Infertility

  • Anxiety

  • Death

  • Blood loss

  • Future pregnancy complications

  • Future miscarriages

  • Regret & Guilt

Adoption is a beautiful, life-giving option!  There are waiting lists across the United States of parents dreaming of adopting.  Every unborn child deserves to enjoy this world, especially if he or she is raised by non biological parents.  


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Girls' Health First is an initiative of Illinois Citizens for Ethics PAC

Girls' Health First engages with elected public officials on important matters pertaining to the health and safety of under-aged girls.  We help cut through the unhealthy messaging that big business, the media, and the entertainment industry put forward. 

Girls' Health First will work with any elected official who also desires to put the health of girls first.

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