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Tuesday, March 23, 7 pm

My Half of the Sky Cafe

121 West Wesley Street

Wheaton, IL

Renee Pollino is the CEO and founder of My Half of The Sky, a social justice coffee shop that addresses social concerns and systemic injustice through opportunity. Renee is passionate about creating hope & bringing healing to women with obstacles to employment due to poverty, addictions, trafficking or life as a refugee.

She believes opportunity & relationships are essential to helping women live a better story. Renee has worked for over 20 years with grassroots organizations that remind both men and women that there is hope after trauma or hardship. She believes opportunity gives dignity and value. Renee desires to trail blaze the concept that businesses and Capitalism can use the marketplace to build sustainable enterprises while doing good.

Renee is a member of: Women’s Speakers Collective, Propel Women, Fair Trade & Ethical Fashion Movements

What About Our Girls?

An in-person and virtual Community Forum on sex trafficking, and how a bill to repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act puts Illinois girls at risk, and what we can do to for positive change. 

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Featuring Renee Pollino

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