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is arguably the greatest threat to women. Unfortunately, under-aged girls are most susceptible to the physical and mental ramifications of this issue.

Children endure brutal rape and abuse at the hands of pornographers and may require years of specialized therapy to heal from the intense trauma inflicted on them. The effects of pornography can skew the viewer’s perception of healthy sexual behavior and boundaries, impacting the viewer’s personal relationship with a spouse or significant other.

Porn activity by men, which is at epidemic levels, increases the objectification of women, affects relationships, and affects families.  It even leads to violent and criminal activity, such as:

  • Rape

  • Molestation

  • Sex Trafficking

  • Objectification

  • Kidnapping

  • Solicitation of sex


Trafficked women and children may face an increased risk of violence or degradation due to the normalization of deviant sex acts propagated through pornography.

Porn is also a compulsive and addictive activity for females!  While this problem is often addressed openly for men, it can be harder for girls to get the help they need.

The earlier a girl is exposed to sexual content, the likelier they are to engage in high-risk sex.

Other negative effects include:

  • Long term biochemical change of the brain.

  • Girls believe the graphic nature of pornography is the way that sex is to be understood.

  • Makes girls believe that female submission and violence is an acceptable form of sexual interaction 

  • Unrealistic expectations around sexual behaviors and performance.

  • Reduced intimacy with future spouse.

  • Personal sense of inadequacy.

  • Lowered self-esteem.

  • More positive view of group sex.

  • Increase in sexual partners.

  • Increase in casual sex.

  • Earlier start in sexual activity.

  • Encourages social isolation.

  • Leads to emotional emptiness.


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