helps in the formation of a young girl as she grows into an adult.  Without a proper and moral view of the reproductive process, girls can enter adulthood not fully understanding it's role for a healthy self, family, and society.

Sex Education should begin at home. Educational institutions should understand this and only provide age appropriate information to supplement this.  


Improper sexual education can cause girls to receive contrary and confusing messages.


Age appropriate sexual education, at home and at school, must not encourage under-age sexual activity, must not include alternative forms of sexual activity, and should not expose girls to inappropriate concepts.

Improper sexual education can lead to unhealthy sexual relationships and lead to undeserved trauma. 


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Girls' Health First is an initiative of Illinois Citizens for Ethics PAC

Girls' Health First engages with elected public officials on important matters pertaining to the health and safety of under-aged girls.  We help cut through the unhealthy messaging that big business, the media, and the entertainment industry put forward. 

Girls' Health First will work with any elected official who also desires to put the health of girls first.

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